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Just a little about us. We are a small Wisconsin Breeder with 10 years experience. We started off with just one female Rottweiler by the name of Kensey. She is now going on 10 years old had her last litter in 2012. Since then we have added Layla Unser Sanfter Riese to our family. She is 2 1/2 years old and OFA Certified for both her hips & elbows.  We only whelp one litter per year. (Spring) Kensey & Layla are  our family pet and live indoors and all puppies are raised indoors as well. Both of our rottweilers are  amazing with people and love children. We decided to start breeding Kensey  because we love the breed and we want for others to love the breed as well.  Although we breed only once a year, we sincerely strive to breed excellent dogs to be placed into excellent homes.